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As an independent filmmaker, finding the right equipment for shooting your film can be costly on a small budget. Today, however, it's never been easier - and more friendly to your wallet - to access professional-level production tools to make your masterpiece a reality.

Use Wireless Cameras

See who is knocking before you open the door with wireless video cameras, or use them to record your next film. Wireless cameras can have superb HD video and audio capabilities, and some have pan, tilt, and zoom features, which enable you to record high-resolution images from various angles. Simply place your wireless video cameras in the indoor or outdoor locations of your choice and begin filming. When you are done, convert the analog signal to digital format using a video capture card, then save the recording to your PC, and you are ready to edit your film.

Use Your Cell Phone

There have been many advancements to cell phone video cameras, including larger screens, powerful optical and digital zoom, optical image stabilization, and more, which can be used to record excellent video. In fact, many independent filmmakers use their cell phone as a common method for recording their films. Just remember, select a cell phone camera with at least 12 megapixels and high dynamic range (HDR) for best results.

Use Your Webcam

Your webcam can also be used to record your next film. Simply download a quality video capture program, such as Debut Video Capture, and be sure to configure your audio settings to record sound with your video. From this point, you can select from different recording formats and encoder settings, including MPEG2 for burning your video to DVD.

You could also use your Windows Movie Maker, or Quick Time for Mac users, to record your video. Simply, plug your external camera into the USB port, then point the camera towards you and as near to you as possible for maximum sound quality. Open your movie maker and begin recording.


You don't need a big budget to make your film next level. There’s a variety of creative ways to create your film on even the tightest budget — you just have to remain open minded. Check out these trailers from August's official selections for more inspiration.