A production company is an invaluable source of inspiration for the people who enjoy its entertainment. Whether you produce quality radio, television, or Internet entertainment, you're doing the world an enormous favor by creating original content that they can enjoy. Many new production companies are frustrated by the lack of recognition for their efforts and wonder how they can go about successfully marketing their productions. There's no one easy answer for this dilemma. In the beginning, things are hard for most production companies. What they need is attention and recognition for their efforts. These 7 marketing techniques may help you market more effectively online.


1. SEO for your production company website


Search engine optimization is vital for production company websites. No matter matter how high the quality of your content, you're never going to succeed until someone discovers it. Search engine optimization is perhaps the best way to market your website in the very beginning. Production companies especially are rich in content and you want people to be able to find it. SEO is such a broad term that it can encompass just about anything you do on a website, but for this purpose, be sure you build it into the design of the production website. Make your content easily discovered by both people and the search engines they trust. If you don’t have an internal SEO team, consider hiring an SEO consultant to work closely with your web design and marketing team.


2. Blog about your productions

A good production company website should have an active blog. This means that the content pops alive regularly, not just weekly. Remember, your blog isn’t just an outlet for internal press releases - it should provide content that is valuable to your potential consumer base. Pro tips, how-to’s, insider information, and industry rants can provide great material to stock your blog with great material. Never let a day go by in the beginning without a great blog post about your productions. Regularly blogging about your content makes it easier for search engines to pick up keywords and index you higher in their results. It also makes it more likely that a visitor will stumble upon your content and share it on a social media website. Speaking of social media...


3. Use social media to link to your content

The major social media platforms are wonderful places to share your vision with your audience. They give you an ongoing conversation with the very people who are interested in what your production company is creating. Someone sharing even a single piece of content from your social media website can generate thousands, or in best case scenarios, millions of people flocking to your content. This makes it very important to set up good, quality social media accounts that link back to your production company content.

Photo Credit:  howtostartablogonline

Photo Credit: howtostartablogonline


In the beginning, it may be only a few loyal visitors sharing your content. Once word of mouth spreads, you bring in legions of loyal followers. Constantly update social media accounts to encourage sharing of your production company's content. In the meantime, you can boost your social media following by submitting your film to festivals via services such as FilmFreeway, the exclusive film submission site used by SLIFF Online. Festival’s provide a great deal of marketing for individual projects as part of their business models. After all, their product is your content.


4. Networking is still important

Face to face contacts are still important in today's world, and you can definitely participate in or put on plenty of events with your production company that will land you real world contacts, for the purpose of this article, networking means making contact with popular online websites that might be very interested in your content. If you've got a production company that is creating funny, interesting, or educational material, then there are a lot of booming websites out there that would love to showcase that creativity. There are many ways you can go about this, from simply emailing site owners to let them know your production company exists and has important content, to doing guest posts about your productions on sites that invite this.


Thanks to the quick advances made in live chat technology, online seminars and live video chats allow people from around the world to network from the comforts of home. If your production company takes advantage of these tools and you and your peers attend these events, you can make valuable friends in the media production world that will propel your business further.


5. Keep your eye on creativity

All the marketing techniques in the world aren't going to do you any good unless the material you produce is engaging. While marketing is important to any production company, don't forget to allocate funds toward your actual product: the productions you create. There are far too many free or near free marketing options to take advantage of to let the quality of your production company suffer due to a bloated marketing budget.


In other words, talk a big game in marketing but also make sure that your creative work lives up to the hype. Believe in the work you do. Put funding behind it. Give it room to grow on its word of mouth reputation, too, and keep a smart marketing budget that is equal to the quality of the work your production company releases to the public.


6. Press releases can help early on

Early on, people might not know much about the work you're doing. Word of mouth on the Internet only works when the entity is already established. Before SEO takes hold, and your marketing has a chance to work, there might be a slew of potential fans who don't even know your production company exists. A good lineup of press releases can take care of this. In some cases you'll pay for these releases, in others you can simply write them yourself and post them.


While in some worlds, there's no such thing as bad press, for production companies the rules are a bit different. Make sure that you post press releases to reputable distribution sources online, like PR.com or Presswire. Being associated with disreputable news sources can be even worse than being unknown in the beginning. Be smart about where you put the name of your production company.


7. Find your voice and use it often

Every company needs a vision, a voice that is theirs and theirs alone. No matter what your specific focus, make sure that there's one special thing someone could remember your company for. Sometimes this "one thing" will develop over time. In the traditional marketing world they call it a USP or a Unique Selling Proposition. Sometimes it will be there from the beginning. It might be the seriousness of your work, or the hilarity, or the fact that your team is always friendly when they get feedback. Try to find that voice within your production company, something so memorable that when your fans hear it, they'll know without seeing the name on it that it belongs to you.


Continue to Produce

A production company is there to produce something that is memorable for film festivals, buyers/distributors and, of course, the viewing public. Your marketing techniques can be tweaked over time and you can learn from what does and doesn't generate a big response. From the beginning of your company's life until the end, though, your inspiration should be to produce something that will stand the test of time. The content you introduce to the world should be original, meaningful, and above all memorable. If it is, all of these marketing strategies are only going to bring you more success. Great creativity from a production company will inevitably draw solid attention over time. All it takes is a little patience on the part of you, your team, and audience that wants to love what you produce.