If you're a filmmaker in today's world, then you definitely need an online web portfolio. This is the best way to get people interested in you and your projects and to let others know what you're doing.

Obviously, you want your web portfolio to be the very best that it can be and to stand out with a polished, professional look. Well, lucky for you, achieving that perfect look isn't difficult, not if you follow a few simple tips.

Tip #1: Update Regularly

First things first, know that there is nothing worse than a web portfolio that looks like it hasn't been updated in ages. This sends a sign to anyone who happens upon your site that you're not active and that the site has been abandoned, along with your career.

Even if that's not true, it's how it looks when you let your site go for long periods of time without updates. So, even if you think nothing exciting is going on, find something new or relevant to post to your portfolio at least once a week, preferably more, so that you don't lose touch with your audience.


Tip #2: Be Original

 One big mistake that people make when they want their web portfolios to look more professional is simply copying the ideas or site design of others. This is not fair to the people who they copy from, nor is it a good idea.

The whole point of being a filmmaker is to be original and to have something fresh and distinctive about you, and it's definitely hard to showcase that if you're copying other people's portfolios. So, be fresh and original with your portfolio; dare to do something different and unique!

Tip #3: Pick a Distinctive Domain Name

You might not think that your domain name really matters when it comes to your web portfolio, but it does! You'll want to have your own official domain name, something that is memorable and relevant.

People are a lot more likely to remember you and your portfolio if it has a simple but effective domain name.


Tip #4: Include Production Photos

Undoubtedly, you've heard the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and it's definitely true, especially when it comes to your web portfolio.

People do not want to stare at a wall of text; they'll get bored fast. So, make your site interesting by including production photos from your latest project. Choose fun, colorful photos that grab attention. For example, doTERRA's Instagram makes excellent use of professional, well-lit images to drive engagement and release product-related news. Make sure your production photos are similarly high-resolution and well-lit, and also convey a cohesive style that accurately and flatteringly captures your cinematography style.


Tip #5: Have Somebody Vouch for You

Finally, whenever possible, be sure to include positive information about yourself on your web portfolio. This could be reviews from people who've liked your films in the past, from people you've helped in some way, or just kudos from other people in the industry who can vouch for your abilities.

 If you can follow these simple tips, then there is no reason that your web portfolio can't be as polished and professional as possible.