If you want to give your film the attention it deserves, it's vital that you hire the right cast for the right roles. While some casting directors are known for their outlandish hiring techniques, the reality is that these unusual hiring tactics really aren't necessary. In fact, there are several traditional hiring practices that can help you find the best actors for your upcoming film. Here's a few of them.

Look at Their Resume

Don't underestimate the value of a resume. Although more associated with traditional job interviews, resumes can still be an important part of the casting process. A resume will provide you with invaluable information about each performer's experience, special skills and training programs completed. When managed correctly, you can use resumes to filter through the applicant list and limit the number of auditions you need to hold. You also may be able to determine if a specific applicant may be better suited for another role prior to auditions.

Source: Employer Resume Checklist | The Hire Talent

Treat the Audition Like an Interview

Certainly, reading lines is an important part of any audition, but it shouldn't be the only part. You really can't get to know a candidate just by having them read a few lines. Instead, treat the audition more like an interview. Take the time to ask each candidate questions about his experience, skills, and abilities. For best results, conduct structured interviews by asking each candidate the same series or close to the same series of questions. This will help to take some of the bias out of the hiring process and better equip you to evaluate each candidate.

Source: A Quick & Easy Guide to Structured Interview Questions | Greenhouse

Use Pre-Hire Employee Assessments

A resume and an audition will only tell you so much about a candidate. It can be nearly impossible to judge how each candidate will handle the pressures of acting throughout the duration of the filming process. Pre-hire employee assessments, however, can take some of the guesswork out of this process. Not only can these assessments test for skills like communication, but they can also test for personality traits, such as motivation, problem-solving and multitasking. These tests can also assess future job performance, stress tolerance and teamwork ability – all which are necessary to be successful in front of the camera.

Source: Want Success With Pre-Hire Assessments? Keep it Simple | ERE Media

Finding the best talent for your film doesn't have to be difficult. These traditional hiring strategies can help you filter through your applicants and identify which ones are right for your movie. Start the hiring process today to find the best actors for your film.