With the cost of movie productions going up, the locations you select as your filming sites can drastically increase or decrease your filming cost. Iconic performing arts places such as New York or California can be some of the most expensive places to film your next movie. Instead, here are three movie production locations that might surprise you with their versatility and their much more affordable price tags.


When it comes to film productions, Georgia is one of the best states to scout for filming locations. With the Appalachian Mountains, the Piedmont Plateau, the Atlantic Ocean, and various historical monuments, Georgia has a wide variety of places to offer as production locations. In addition to the wide variety of site options, Georgia also has one of the best tax incentives for filmmakers, according to Film Covington. On top of the base 20 percent tax credit for filming in Georgia, there is also an extra 10 percent if you include a “Made in Georgia” logo into your credits. In Savannah, Georgia, the city even offers an additional $2,000 for moving expenses per household for any film crew members who are willing to move into the city during the duration of the filming. Previous films that have scenes filmed in Georgia include The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, X-Men: First Class, Need for Speed: 2014, and Remember the Titans.


When it comes to tax incentives, Louisiana's tax incentives will beat out California and New York. Not only does Louisiana offer a 30 percent incentive, the highest incentive out of any state, it also offers a 5 percent labor incentive if filmmakers hire Louisiana residents. This place, known as "Hollywood South" is responsible for contributing over $100 million per year to the economy, according to Avis. Some movies filmed in Louisiana include A Streetcar Named Desire, Interview with a Vampire, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


With a 35 percent tax incentive plus another 2 percent for music expenses in the state, Oklahoma offers one of the best incentives for filmmakers. Some natural sites to film at include Turner Falls, Cogar Ghost Town, Gloss Mountain State Park, The Tropical Observatory, and Lake Tenkiller. Some films that have been filmed in Oklahoma include The Outsider, Twister, Elizabethtown, and Rain Man.

Aside from the top filmmaking locations such as California and New York, there are many other options available with better benefits. If you are scouting for possible filming locations, some of these sites may be exactly what you've been searching for.

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