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How to Put Together a PR Campaign for Your Independent Film


How to Put Together a PR Campaign for Your Independent Film

For the aspiring indie filmmaker, not many moments will be enjoyed more than the one that includes a finished movie in hand. Unfortunately, many filmmakers work with such single-minded determination to realize their dream of film production, that they often neglect to have a PR plan in place.

The promotion of an indie film should begin well before final filming finishes, and the movie reaches the editing phase. The following tips will prove beneficial to the indie filmmaker that needs to create his own PR plan.

Start Online

As with many things these days the successful marketing of an independent film begins with spending many hours online. Whether this means having your own website or utilizing social media to your advantage, there are a lot of options to choose from. There are many apps available to help with streamlining the process for the filmmaker promoting his work online.

For example, one popular web application allows the filmmaker to customize features for visited websites. One way to do this is by using an app setup that provides videos periodically to popular websites.

Enter Contests and Competitions

There are many film competitions and contests available online and at film festivals. Sometimes simply applying for one of these events is all it takes to get your film some publicity. Try applying for online competitions to start, and then if things go well, you can always use each contest you win as a credit to your film in the marketing stages. Additionally, winning contests and competitions means that your video will get online publicity as it remains published on the website pages for other filmmakers and film enthusiasts to watch.

Attend Screenings

Film festivals are an excellent way to obtain reviews of your completed work from critics and movie lovers. There is perhaps no bigger homerun possible when executing a PR plan for an independent film than to show it at a film festival. Showing at festivals raises awareness for the current project while providing the opportunity to network with other filmmakers.

Create Trailers

Trailers can be another great way to create awareness and anticipation for an upcoming film project. Many independent filmmakers have experienced success by creating a social media page or channel for the movie project that can be used for the periodic uploading of trailers.

Take It To The Streets

Independent filmmakers will be required to incorporate many guerrilla marketing techniques to bring awareness to movie watchers. A street marketing campaign is a great technique that can be used by all indie filmmakers.

Creativity is the key to street marketing campaigns. Suggestions include passing leaflets, chalking sidewalks, or having characters in the movie make unexpected public appearances in full costume. The number of possible elements to a street marketing campaign is only limited to the imagination of the filmmaker.

Start a Blog

This is a stage where it truly is critical that you know who your audience is and that you market to them specifically. A blog can be used to share information regarding the movie project while also establishing an emotional connection with supporters. Blogs can be used to report production data and give readers a peek into the daily life of a filmmaker. The filmmaker can also chronicle the many emotional ups and downs he experiences during the process of making the film.

Write a Press Release

Written press releases can be invaluable to any company or project. Among other advertising techniques like flyers, billboards, trailers and the like, press releases can help you target your intended audience. Some filmmakers even act as their own publicists and send a press release to reporters who write about movies or their particular genre of film. Just make sure that your press release catches their eye quickly, and to have a natural story that leads from the press release to your website to give readers some direction if they’re interested in learning more about your story.

Do a Giveaway

A giveaway is an excellent method for list building. An email account that is set up with an autoresponder is all that is needed. The autoresponder can be loaded to send the giveaway to participants, and the filmmaker possesses a valid email address in return. This communication line can then be used to provide the participant with updates or other offers in the future.

Final Thoughts

Aspiring filmmakers are many times much more interested in making movies than creating PR campaigns. While these feelings are understandable, it is important for the filmmaker to realize that a PR campaign is vital to ensuring that the public is made aware of their upcoming film release. The tips mentioned above provide a strong start for the indie filmmaker in need of a quality PR plan. Be sure to submit your movie for the next SLIFF Online competition before the next deadline!