2017 Filmmakers to watch


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jacob pilgaard

October-November Winner: 'Se, Hvilken Klovn' ('Behold, Such a Clown') - Denmark

Jacob Pilgaard's sensitive short, 'Behold, Such a Clown' immediately plunges the audience into such emotionally raw territory, it almost feels as though you've stepped into the middle of a feature film of staggering tragedy. It is, however,  a beautifully performed short film with the emotional depth and complexity of the greatest stories, regardless of length.

A snapshot of the last day of employment for a clown at a children's hospital, 'Behold, Such a Clown' reveals the talents of all its creators through their pure dedication to story and character. It is a shining reminder of the power of cinema that should be required viewing for novice and veteran filmmakers alike.

Pilgaard's next project is a comedy which begins shooting in January. "We really hope to make people laugh next time," he says. We're looking forward to whatever he creates in his bright future.



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Adalbert Wojaczek

September Winner: 'Luca' - Germany

Writer/Director Adi Wojaczek's 'Luca' is a tautly executed tale of humanity, identity and courage. Set in the middle of a prestigious dance competition during which a last minute change of a principal dancer must be made, 'Luca' manages to create remarkable tension, pathos and comedy into 15 minutes of charge filmmaking. 

Wojaczek's school-age outsider status has informed much of his work. "I I like telling stories of outsiders or people who are disadvantaged in a way," he says. " 'Luca' is the next step in this evolution."  His next project is a music video trilogy following an asian boy raised to be a soldier in the imperial army who must face his deepest fears.

A German qualifier for this year's Academy Awards, 'Luca' continues a very successful festival tour by gracing SLIFF Online with its powerful story.

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Christian Cieplik

August Winner: 'Warrior' - Canada

Cieplik's short documentary focussing on three Canadian infantry veterans of deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan is a unique view into the human experience of battle. The courage and sensitivity of the film's subjects is well-matched with that of the filmmakers, who deliver these warrior's stories as though we are all their war buddies.

The film's producer, Maria-Nicole Miriklis says, "Our intent in making this film was to bring the 'ground truth' to a civilian audience.  We wanted to have the audience literally take on the perspective of a solider and show just how complex the issues and the people who deal with them are. It is always important to consider how war impacts people and as a society we often overlook or tend to avoid the hard task of listening to soldiers' experiences."

Those experiences are brought into sharp focus not only from their camp-fire testimony, but remarkably via the soldiers' own helmet camera footage shot during their deployments.

To see what's next for the film and filmmakers, follow @QallamContent on Twitter and Instagram and WarriorDocumentary on Facebook.


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Frank Aron Gårdsø

July Winner: 'Takk for Alt (Thanks for Everything)' - Norway

Working behind the scenes day to day, filmmaker Frank Aron Gårdsø spends his free time making short films amidst Norway's tight-knit film community.

His sixth short, Takk for Alt is a carefully structured tale of chance, relationships, regret and tragedy, told with a wry, fresh voice and restrained visual style.

Filled with character revelations and small clues which illuminate its themes, Takk for Alt is that rare short film which contains as much story and character as any feature length film.

Which is appropriate, as Gårdsø's next project is a feature. "It's time to take the jump," he tells us. 

Just as long as it's not off a bridge, we can't wait for the leap.





June Winner: 'Antarctica'

Global explorers who document the far reaches of the planet, the Andreievs have made a name for themselves via their Paganel Studios .

But with 'Antarctica,' the duo have outdone themselves. A montage of spectacular footage of the icy continent, this short film reveals one natural wonder after another within it's brief seven and a half minutes.

"We show life as it is there - beautiful and severe," says Andrii. 

Amongst the beauty they documented: a "bubble feeding net" from krill-hunting whales. This technique of creating a spiral bubble formation below the surface of the sea traps krill within its confines just long enough to be scooped up by open-mouthed whales rising from directly below. From the bird's-eye view of Paganel's drone, the phenomena is as visually arresting as it is scientifically significant: such hunting techniques had only previously been observed around Alaska's shores until Paganel's footage confirmed whales have been practicing at the southern pole, as well.

The Andreievs are a pair worthy of the title Filmmakers to Watch - as every new adventure they pursue yields one more fresh view of our world.



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Michael Bofshever

May Winner: "Echo Park Blues"

Veteran Actor Michael Bofshever makes his directorial debut with Echo Park Blues with a screenplay by Rick Lieberman based on their original story. 

A sensitively rendered tale of washed up jazz saxophonist Teddy Bender, who has finally written the song of his life, Echo Park Blues explores the themes of success, redemption and love via sadsack Bender's creative journey. Solid performances and camerawork deliver a complete world in 17 minutes that exemplifies the power of short format storytelling as well as any we've seen.

Bofshever is known from his film and television credits include notable roles in Breaking Bad, The Jersey, and True Blood, A Dog's Purpose, United 93, and Crime of the Century. A teacher and published author, Bofshever is the author of Your Face Looks Familiar...How To Get Ahead as a Working Actor

However, his future behind the camera continues apace:  Bofshever has optioned award winning writer Donald Lystra's collection of short stories, Something that Feels like Truth with the aim of turning it into a screenplay with screenwriter Steve Armour.

Follow Michael on his website and Echo Park Blues at www.echoparkblues.com.


The filmmaker has elected at this time to screen only the film's trailer here. For more information, please visit the film's website.


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Patrick Biesemans

April Winner: 'Embers & Dust'

Patrick Biesemans's "thank you card" to Orson Welles, imagination, and the importance of mass media communications is an exquisitely produced short film. Striking images, careful casting and an unusually skilled orchestration of tension mark this piece as award-worthy.

Biesemans considers short films "as postcards from another time and place," which fairly sums up this film's ultimate effect on the viewer. Produced with a grant from Musicbed's 2016 Film Initiative, "Embers & Dust" perfectly pushes the boundaries of the short film format, delivering feature-length emotional impact and unforgettable visual style in 11 minutes.

His first foray into writing, producing and directing, Biesemans has more in store for us in the future, noting, "I've been hesitant for so long venturing into the world of writer-director territory but now, because of the positive and enthusiastic response to Embers & Dust, I have the confidence to nurture my ambitions."  

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Pauline mabille 

March Submission: Narrative Short 'Ici ou La-bas (Right Here or Over There)'

SLIFF Online's first Filmmaker to Watch is awarded to this first-time filmmaker from France. Mabille's story of a young woman's return home after several years gone is a masterful work of short cinema, from its expertly revealed story to its carefully rendered characters. With stellar performances from Anaelle Corlin, Chantal Baroin and Erik Stouvenaker, Mabille's 16.5 minute glimpse into a family shattered by tragedy is a study in sensitive filmmaking and the power resulting from a restrained hand.

Not surprisingly to us, the film has seen great success on the festival circuit, including a coveted position in Canne's Short Film Corner. Says Mabille: “Ici ou La-bas is my first film. The festival success of this film is incredible for me. Since I was 6 years old, I’ve dreamt of making movies, but never formally studied filmmaking, so I’m entirely self-taught. I hope to make a feature length version of this story and am writing a second film about love, friendship and the passage of time. I’m so grateful for our wonderful crew who trusted me to make this film.”

For a freshman effort, this film promises great things from Mabille. We’re honored to name her our first Filmmaker to Watch and can't wait to see what's next from her.

(NOTE: While the film continues its real-world festival journey, SLIFF Online is prohibited from screening the film in its entirety. As soon as the streaming rights become available, we look forward to being able to share it with you)

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