Lou suspects his crime soldier Hector has ratted him out to the police. A short film that explores two individuals dealing with the aftermath of an unsuccessful drug deal.

Stunts, guns, babes, brawn and ACTION, BABY. Who you gonna call? Not these guys. No, seriously, Dylan is in hospital after this action assignment and I'm pretty sure I saw Lana kill a man after calling her 'babe.' With her eyes. Assisted by Helpmann Academy and the South Australian Government through Carclew.
A peek into the history of a city, and the lives of those who've preserved it.
NU FILMS Present “THE SOLACE OF THE WILD” FRANCOIS VILJOEN DAVID C. STEYN Score by JACO MANS Colour by MATTHEW TAPSON Sound by MATT GARDNER Film Editing by KELLY BARRETT Cinematography by DENNIS DVORNAK Produced by GIANLORENZO ALBERTINI DENNIS DVORNAK DAVID C. STEYN Written & Directed by DAVID C. STEYN On a night like so many before, two young and previously unconstrained friends decide to drive out into the wilderness for one last feral adventure. All to reminisce, and to search for the bygone ardour and meaning that they have lost along their estrangement.
When agent Matthew Shepherd looks into his brother's mysterious disappearance, he discovers that sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Through a haze of dark visages, and hidden corners of the criminal underworld, he discovers that a devil walks the shadows. Only mentioned in whispers, the elusive Volkov is truly the epitome of fear and pity... and as his name suggests, a scarred and ravenous wolf, though human in form. Revered by gangsters, and worshiped by the corrupt, agent Shepherd discovers that even criminals have heroes.
5-23 Productions Presents: It is August of 2004, you are 15 years old, and you have a crush on your best friend's older sister.
The lives of modern workers are much similar with the lives of modern ants. This animation has done by using acrylic paint, pan, pencil, charcoal on paper. Ji Seon©2019