James lives in Vancouver with his son Eli. His passion for music and the love for his son guide his steps in a complex world.

Solastalgia is a neologism that describes a form of mental or existential distress caused by environmental change. The everyday intimacy of climate change often goes under-acknowledged. This short film explores the dislocation, grief, and longing we all feel from the changes happening to our shared home.
I made this film named 'Paul' in 2019. I wanted to introduce a somewhat weird person who eats fallen leaves. For me, trying to understand people who have a different behavior and life is quite important to make our society better. We can improve that and our relationships by contemplating others.
'One veteran dies of suicide every 65 minutes.' (VA, 2013). This documentary explores coastal access as an under utilized mental health treatment - told through the story of one Veterans experiences against the backdrop of his kayaking trip to the Oregon coast. Officially selected for the St Lawrence International Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, 2019 Impact DOCS Awards, First Time Film-Makers Review, and Digital Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF). Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Kirby. Edited by Evan Johnson. Cinematography by Dustin Saigo. Music by BenSound.com
'Strong As a Storm' is a short documentary about James P Honey, a folk music artist and poet. We will follow him from his home in London to France and Czech Republic, through his journey into creation...
Vignettes set in the modern day connected by a common thread of pain, the pain we cause to ourselves and to others.

Breaking the Addiction to Drama for the story...

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